Practice a little bit every day.
The most efficient way to practice is to play a little bit each day. To get in 1 hour per week all you need to
do is practice about 12 minutes every week-day.

Practice in a comfortable and quiet place.
Don’t practice somewhere where you will be distracted. Find a quiet and comfortable place. Garages,
backyards and bathrooms are good places to practice.

Practice silently
Silent practice is where you pretend to play by fingering the notes on your instrument without blowing into it.
You can even silent practice without your instrument by fingering the air. You can silent practice in the car,
during TV commercials and any other time you need to practice without disturbing anyone.

Practicing ideas
- Practice the hard parts that you don’t like and are not good at. Don’t practice the easy parts.
- Practice hard sections very slowly and then gradually speed them up.
- Circle sections you have trouble with to remind yourself to practice them.
- Write in reminders for flats and sharps.
- Write in the counting.
- Circle dynamics and other phrase markings.
- Play hard sections over and over again.

If you think that you can play the piece perfectly, ask yourself these questions.
- Can I play the piece at the correct speed? With a metronome?
- Am I playing all the dynamics?
- Am I playing all of the accents?
- Am I playing with a good tone?
- Are you making sure that no notes stick out when they shouldn’t? (Think high notes and low notes.)
- Am I making the music sound beautiful by doing all of the things listed above at the same time?

Click here to download a metronome.
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